Chatom Alabama

Chatom is a charming and peaceful town that is situated in the picturesque Washington County in Alabama, United States. It boasts of a warm and welcoming community of around 1,200 people who are known to be family-oriented and committed to building a strong community. The town is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that attract nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

Despite its small size, Chatom is an economically vibrant town with various industries that support its thriving economy. These industries include healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and construction, among others. Additionally, the town has various small businesses and stores, which provide residents with easy access to essential goods and services.

While Chatom may not have top-notch facilities or amenities, it is the perfect location for those who prefer a serene and peaceful environment. Residents of Chatom place great value on strong family ties and a sense of community, making it an ideal place to live. Overall, Chatom is an enchanting town that offers the perfect mix of small-town living and outdoor adventures.

The Town of Chatom, Alabama was founded in 1904 at the intersection of Highway 56 and 17. The Town of Chatom is located in the center of the county, making Chatom the county seat in 1907. In 1949 the town became the largest municipality in Washington County, AL.

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