Revenue Commission

The Washington County Alabama Revenue Commission takes its role very seriously when it comes to collecting and assessing property taxes in Washington County, Alabama.

Their primary duty is to ensure that all citizens are paying their fair share in taxes and that all property is accurately assessed and valued.

This process involves the maintenance of detailed records for all properties in the area, including the calculation of their value for tax purposes.

The revenue commission is also responsible for processing requests for various exemptions and deductions that could potentially lower the amount of taxes owed by property owners.

To provide the highest level of service to taxpayers, the Revenue Commission collaborates closely with other county offices and departments.

Their mission is to make sure that assessments are fair, accurate, and delivered in a timely manner. By doing so, they are able to fund crucial public services and programs that benefit the community.

Property owners may contact the Assessment Office for questions about:

  • Washington County, AL property tax assessments
  • Property tax appeals and reassessments
  • Paying property tax bills and due dates
  • Property tax rates and tax roll
  • Washington County GIS maps, property maps, and plat maps
  • Property records and deeds in Washington County

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