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Boat Registration

Should you purchase a boat that is currently registered in Alabama with a current decal, then that decal would be transferred into the new owner's name.

Drivers License

Drivers License renewals can be obtained in the Washington County Probate office or online. An individual seeking a drivers license for the first time, must take...

Hunting & Fishing

If you have lost your Hunters Identification Card you can go to Outdoor Alabama to get a replacement card. If you have lost a lifetime fishing or hunting license...

Mandatory Insurance

The Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law provides that no person shall operate, register, or maintain registration of a motor vehicle designed to be used...

Tag Mail In Program

You must register/renew in your county of residence. If you have had a change of address you will need to present proof of residency to your local license office.


All 1980 or following year models motor vehicles and trailers must be titled, except vehicles owned by the federal government, implements of husbandry, special...

Marriage Certificates

The Alabama Center for Health Statistics began filing marriage certificates in August 1936 for marriages that occurred in Alabama.

Weights & Fees

For each truck or truck tractor using the public highways of this state, annual license taxes and registration fees based on the gross vehicle weight in pounds are...